Biuro Wystaw

Idea of Form/Form of Idea

Kazimierz Malewicz discovered the cubic volume of space using the measure of Suprematism in painting. In the first series of Planit mock-ups and later plaster models of Architects, he regained the square figure for space. Diversified figures discovered the cosmic nature of Suprematism with their dynamic structure. The impeccably white forms of the Architectons express the idea of architectural utopia, a synthesis of imagination and reality. They exist not only as visible forms but also as carriers of theory. Drawing, model and prototype are the next steps to concretize an idea before it takes its final form. The moment when the idea reaches a materialized form, is the moment when it becomes the object that evokes aesthetic experiences. The idea becomes an aesthetic object, a work of art.

The sculptures of representatives of the Russian and Polish avant-garde: Kazimierz Malewicz, Katarzyna Kobro and Władysław Strzemiński as well as contemporary Russian artists: Anatoly Komelin and Wladimir Niemuchin were shown at the exhibition “Idea of Form / Form of Idea”.

“The original, the only, unique – such values were seen in the work of art according to the long European tradition. “The eye of the expert” saw the traces of the “artist’s hand”, making the attributions and judgments dependent on the artist’s touch. The art of the XX / XXI century, while making transgressions, destructions and provocations, also questioned the uniqueness as well as the originality of the material substance of the work. Not the object but the action, not the item but its trace, not matter but the message, not uniqueness but repetitiveness – we still face the need to review our concepts, criteria and habits. This exhibition also poses such questions.” – prof. Maria Poprzęcka.