Biuro Wystaw

Jakub Szczęsny

Born in 1973 in Warsaw where he lives and works. Studied in Warsaw (WAPW), in Barcelona (ETSAB) and Ecole d’Architecture Paris La Defense. He form Since 2001 member of Centrala. He forms Centrala collective (with Małgorzata Kuciewicz and Krzysztof Banaszewski), creates projects between architecture and art.

In the crack between the buildings on 22 Chłodna St. and 74 Żelazna St., Jakub Szczęsny designed an art installation entitled Ermitaż, which shall become the narrowest house in Warsaw, since its interior will come to 133 centimeters in the widest spot.

Ermitaż will be a workplace, a hermitage created for an outstanding Isreali writer, Etgar Keret. Besides, it will also fulfill a function of a studio for invited guests – young creators and intellectualists from all over the world. The residential program, conducted in the heart of Wola, is supposed to produce creative work conditions and become a significant platform for world intellectual exchange.