Biuro Wystaw

Olga Mokrzycka-Grospierre

Painter and stage designer. Author of sets and costumes for theatre shows as well as paintings on canvas and wooden and concrete bases. She holds an MA in Painting (2000) and Stage Design (2003) from the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw. She currently collaborates with Krzysztof Warlikowski’s Nowy Theater.

She works together with Nicolas Grospierre (ex. the exhibition “Mausoleum” in collaboration with the Raster Gallery (2007), stage design for the performance “Nancy. Interview” at the Nowy Theater (2012), installation “On the other side of the mirror”).

She collaborated with the Ateneum Theater, the Capitol Theater and the Wytwórnia Theater in Warsaw, as well as the Stefan Jaracz Theater in Olsztyn. Her works have been exhibited, among others, at BWA, Galeria Raster and the Center for Contemporary Art Ujazdowski Castle in Warsaw.