Biuro Wystaw

Dominik Jałowiński
Facing the Other

Exploring the relationship between humans and machines, Dominik Jałowiński aims in his work to blur the boundaries between one and the other. In his conception, a human being is essentially also a machine, and DNA is the software that determines its shape.

The artist recognizes the increasing penetration of technology into the human world and his concerns about it. And he wants to help confront the conventional ‚Other’.

In the age of the increasing role of technology, including AI, many people feel anxious. My pictures aims to help people confront with this anxiety, open to inevitable change and understand that newness need not be a threat. We are experiencing a watershed moment right now, where technology is becoming the ‚other’ for us. Art offers a safe space where we can meet this dynamic reality and begin to accept it, whether it is comfortable for us or not – says Dominik Jałowiński.

Jałowiński continues to strive for new ways to expand the painting experience and optimize his work thanks to new technologies. His work is a form of constant experimentation and an attempt to challenge the status quo.

In my artistic practice AI has filled that gap, enabling me to paint more efficiently and quickly. It allows me to concentrate on the creative aspect, retaining full control over the final result. What’s more, AI introduces an element of randomness that I find as exciting as the unpredictability of paint on canvas. In this small area of 4 gigabytes – that’s how much the AI model I use for my work occupies – there is an infinite number of potential images hidden – says Dominik Jałowiński.

Exhibition consists of 5 paintings, painted by the artist, based on which, with the help of AI, more than 40 transformed versions of them have been created in the form of iterations or permutations. They depict the relationship between humans and machines, and in fact the blurring of the boundaries between them. In the AI-processed paintings, Jałowiński again intervenes with a painting gesture. Each work has a digital certificate of authenticity stored in blockchain technology.

Specially for the exhibition, Dominik Jałowiński, using AI, created an essay on how iterations and permutations in art and the relationship between humans and technology should be understood



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