Biuro Wystaw


Sabina Lang and Daniel Baumann have worked together since 1990. Sabina Lang was born in 1972 in Bern in Switzerland. Daniel Baumann was born in 1967 in San Francisco in the USA. They live and work in Burgdorf in Switzerland.

The Moczydło Park appeared on the map of Warsaw at the turn of the 1960s. As a community act the residents of Wola and workers of local shops exchanged old buildings, clay houses and dumps into a luxuriant green area and four ponds. The so-called Górka Moczydłowska (Moczydlo Hill) – the highest point of elevation in Wola is located here.

It was piled up with the remains of post-war Warsaw. On the Hill there was an active ski lift in the 80s. In the Park a Wola Workers Sports Club Olimpia is still active. The Moczydlo Park is one of the Wola’s residents’ favorite places. On the extensive green grounds different animals (ducks, etc.) find shelter.

Lang/Baumann apply simple endeavours, which provoke a multitude of associations drawing attention to the obscurity of the found situations. The spielfeld #5 (pitch) installation is a transfer of a well-known frame of a pitch to the mirror surface of water.

“The Match” that is played is not limited by time or scored points and is not judged by the referee. The artists placing a football goal created a transfer of a sport situation to nature, at the same time undermining the unambiguity of our perception.